ed templeton: the cemetery of reason

i’ve always had a soft spot for skateboard art. i grew up in the culture, completely absorbed in its every facet. i knew every rider and what their board graphic was. it was my art world. i wasn’t raised in an artist family. my parents walls consisted of cow skulls and peace pipes from the native american tribes of arizona and new mexico or wrought iron metal decorative pieces and wind chimes. i wasn’t regularly exposed to great works of art, except for sporadic the trips to museums, with my folks or my school. my art was the gonz (mark gonzalez), sean cliver and, of course, ed templeton. board graphics were equivalent to picasso‘s (i don’t know about you, but i could sure see that on the bottom of a board) and the skating it’s self was the performance art of hermann nitsch. skateboarding is what led me to being a photographer. i began my journey with a bum ankle and a nikon fe, courtesy of my father. ed templeton was the guide, the example of skateboarder to artist. his art was predominantly displayed on many a toy machine decks. every kid who ever rode one of his decks was skating on a board that could have been on a wall in a gallery. he took that and went with it, pushing the envelope. the cemetery of reason is just another long line of great pieces by one, ed templeton.

the birth of ed and toy machine:

thank you cool hunting


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