burning car by superflex

i first saw the “burning car” in the early summer of 2009 while on a trip to paris. my friends there knew their way around the art world and took me to a section filled with small galleries, akin to chelsea. they were these great galleries filled with amazing installations and photography. i could be wrong, but i believe it was in the 13e arrondissement. i remember walking into this one gallery. it was very dark and just had this rumbling sound. i look to one side and i see people lining the wall and on the opposite wall was a full wall size video projection of “burning car”. its flames enveloped the room, bathing it in warm light and the sound could be felt in your solar plexus. it was a great example of an installation overtaking a space. if you have a large tv or a gallery with a big wall, it’s a good show. enjoy

burning car” by superflex


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