wwii: vii

war imagery has always interested me. not that i like war, but the duality between an art form and destruction is fascinating in a way that almost makes me feel horrible about it. the past 7 images from the attack on great britain are beautiful and devastating. they eye of an artist never stops working. these solders, in the mist of war, in battle, manage capture beautiful imagery of chaos, still making compositions that are strong and powerful. i know this last image doesn’t fit exactly with my previous selection, but i found it impressive that during this rattling time in great britain, people managed a smile and managed to make others smile. it shows the fortitude of people and their willingness to keep life going regardless of the harshness of wars or hardships of any kind.

i’ve been following the blog, in focus for some time now. it’s a photo section out of the atlantic. most of the imagery is photojournalism at its highest embodiment. i’ve shared images of the earthquake in japan earlier, from the same site. if you enjoy great photography, i suggest you give it a look.


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